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who we are

The Startup Shop is a specialist startup consulting firm, focused on business strategy, financial modelling and cloud accounting.

We have been helping startups grow since 2012 and are passionate about the success of your business.

What we do

Launch your startup

Let us help you commercialise your idea, diagnose and resolve strategic gaps in your model and anything else you need to get your business going.

Virtual CFO

We can help you with business planning & goal setting. Discuss complex business decisions with an objective & experienced advisor, and have the confidence to make the right decisions for your business.

Transaction services

Talk to us about consultation services where we get involved delivering a particular project:

  • Due diligence for investment
  • Valuations & forecast models
  • Shareholder and founders agreements
  • Implementation of Employee Share
  • Business structure optimisations
  • Capital gains and tax strategy

Partner Services

We believe in working with the right partners to deliver the best solution for your business. Our first hand experience of their services means we know you’ll get first-rate advice.



    The team at the Startup Shop really understand how startups operate, how we work to over-deliver on the tightest of budgets.

    Amit helped us with our financial model and budget, as well as monthly meetings to keep us on track and let us know how we can improve our performance.

    We received valuable advice about issues with government grants, indirect taxes and international implications as the business continues to grow. This has been a great help to the business by allowing management to provide timely and meaningful information to the shareholders to keep them in the loop.

    James Milenkovic, Producer, Buy Somewhere

  • Koala Mattress


    Amit and the team at The Startup Shop helped us get our accounts and legal in place before launching Koala Mattress. They knew exactly what to look out for and raised any red flags that would have hindered our growth. We evaluated different spending scenarios and financial models that would best align with our explosive growth strategy. After we locked down the most efficient strategy, The Startup Shop helped us execute and manage the plan from start to finish.

    Knowing the extensive amount of businesses The Startup Shop has worked with, we knew the company was in great hands and have been seeing great results from their professional advice.

    Dany Milham, Koala Mattress

  • Startup Muster logo


    The Startup Shop is the place you go for financial, accounting and legal support at all stages of your startup. They advise, facilitate, comfort and mediate depending on the needs of the startup. They have supported us by always being available, honest and helpful.

    Together we made sure that the business was healthy from an accounting and legal stand point. We were counselled on next steps and what we needed to undertake on a consistent basis to ensure the sustainability of our businesses.

    I like working with The Startup Shop because, they are professional, incredibly friendly and sincere. No question is too small or too silly and a solution is found for every issue. They are a calming influence on an entrepreneurial roller coaster.

    Monica Wulff, CEO and Co-founder, Startup Muster


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